Mix your bitcoins
to stay safe and

Get cleanest coins from European, Asian and North
American cryptocurrency stock exchanges.

Why choose Unicrypto?

Anonymous bitcoin mixer

Our privacy and security policies are strictly enforced to preserve your anonymity.

Unsurpassed protection

Unicrypto is a bitcoin blender that is 100% resistant to blockchain analysis!

API for developers

Ensure the safety of your customers by using our anonymous transaction system.


Make a deposit.

Bitcoin mixing with our service works by sending your coins to our secure pool where they are then mixed with coins belonging to others.


Unicrypto mixes your coins.

When you send your coins to Unicrypto, they are entered into a pool of coins along with those of other depositors. Our mixing engine then tumbles your coins along with the others in the pool.


You receive clean, untraceable coins.

You will receive coins from wallets which are unrelated to yours, thereby breaking the link between your old and new wallets and giving you the freedom to transact anonymously on the blockchain.


Our clients love us


“It was definitely a nice experience to use it, I will use bitcoin tumbler Unicrypto.NET in case I need to mix some coins.”


“Really Best thing about using this is Low Fees and easy to use we all who review Unicrypto site Feel Friendly User of it.”


“This is the first time I am using a bitcoin tumbler, and it was super easy for me. The best washing machine in the galaxy.”


“Mixing strength meter helps to measure the quality of service. I have never seen such indicator on other btc mixing services.”


“The design of the site is very user friendly. I enjoy the privacy and anonymity by not needing to create an account.”


“I like how this bitcoin mixer website is very user friendly and has all those cool animations.”

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